The first post for the 31 Day Blog Challenge, introduce myself & provide you with 5 of the most recent photos of myself.

Howdy, my name is Tiff Setzler.  I’m a mom, developer, social media addict, lover of porch beers, the internet & sarcasm.

I grew up in central pa, you’ve never heard of it, my gram use to call it “The Asshole of the World”. Good old McVeytown, google it, population 343 & all 343 know you and your life story.

Bounced around PA growing up, landed in the York, PA for college.  Made friends & enemies, I found my love for beer, especially porch beer.

Just like everyone kid, I wanted to explore the world & move away, far away. Right out of college I landed a job in the great state of Utah, not only did I move halfway across the country, I moved back in time to the 1930s.  Where everything is closed on Sunday, beer cannot really be found, racism is high & women are still baby factories.

Decided the 1930s just wasn’t for my new family, we packed up the pod & moved the Steel City! It was great to be back home to a place where everyone says hi and you save your parking spot with a chair. The first place I went when I moved home, Sheetz, SCREW YOU WAWA!

For the past 5 years, I’ve worked at multiple ad agencies, made a lot of cool new friends, tasted tons of beers & experienced a lot of greatness Pittsburgh has to offer.

Today I make websites on the couch at Actual Size, I’m the President of Ad 2 Pittsburgh & I spend my evenings hanging out with my daughter on the porch.

Almost 28 years on this year, have to say I’m doing okay.

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