Hash browns are one of my favorite foods, on top of that they are an easy dish to prepare!

A bag of frozen hash browns can range anywhere from $2-5, depending on the brand. You’ll receive maybe 3-4 servings in the bag, not much.

However, a sack potatoes can cost between $2-6 and one large potato can produce 3-4 servings! You do the math, you can save so much money!

On top of all that making hash browns take little time to prepare and easy to cook!

  1. Wash potatoes
  2. Place kitchen towel on top of the plate, open
  3. Place grater on top of the open kitchen towel with
  4. Grab a potato with your dominant hand
  5. Place your other hand on top of the grater, to stabilize
  6. Grate the potato (up and down over the hole size desired
  7. Once you have grated the desired amount of potatoes remove the grater from the plate
  8. Wash & dry your hands
  9. Take each side of the kitchen towel and pull to the top, like a sack & twist.  This will remove excess water out of the potatoes
  10. Turn electric griddle on & spray with cooking spray
  11. Place small piles of hash browns on the electric griddle, covering with the pot lid
  12. Occasionally mixing and turning with your turner
  13. Cooking until brown & serve


What is your favorite thing to serve with hash browns?