Lego tables range anywhere from $75-$200, that was just not in my budget!

The table should have cost me $48, but with massive discounts, I was able to make the table for $10.65!  That’s right just $10.65

Discount Supplies
Other Supplies
  1. Plugin the hot glue gun
  2. Wipe down the LACK, clean off dust and/or dirt
  3. Select the building block tape you’d like to use, remove a small bit of the backing & place on the side of the LACK
  4. Slowly move to wrap the building block tape around the LACK, slowly removing the backing
  5. Layer the side with the building block tape
  6. Repeat on the legs of the LACK
  7. Grab the hot glue gun, watch it’s hot, flip the brick building base plates upside down and add dots on each corner and the center, flip over and press on top of the lack, make a pattern you desire
  8. Repeat above step until the brick building base plates are all on the table
  9. Now add some Legos & start playing.

Do you and your kids love playing with legos?