For Christmas Zoie received a Star Light Star Bright from Lush, it was definitely bright!

First I’m going to give a warning if you don’t like glitter or want your house full of glitter DO NOT BUY THIS!

Besides the massive amounts of glitter; all throughout my house, car and office space, the Star Light Star Bright bath bomb is pretty great.

The bright blues and reds were amazing to watch as they bubbled throughout the bathtub, ending in a beautiful purple color.

The smell of the ginger & lavender oils helped relax and calm. These smells are great for an evening bath and paired great with Sleepy body lotion post-bath.

The best part, after the bath the murumuru butter leaves your skin so soft, smelling amazing for days.

All and all this was a great bath bomb, leaving my bathroom smelling amazing & our bodies soft.

Again, the only complaint was the massive amounts of glitter, days after still finding glitter everywhere, even after washing sheets, clothing, Sand the bathroom.

I did get my haircut the day after using this bomb, and the hairstylist asked me why my hair was full of glitter.  She said she is excited to buy the Star Light Star Bright & try it out!