Zoie loves to draw, I like to encourage her by leaving paper and crayons where she can reach them.

She had to go to the closet for the crayons, then the art bin for paper & crawl up into her learning tower just for a place to draw.

A lot of the times dropping the crayons and/or paper getting frustrated.

We had an extra IKEA stand, so I decided it was time to make her a drawing table.  A designated space she could draw and everything would be right there.

All I did was nail two dollar tree organizers to the side of the IKEA stand, for the crayons.  On top, I added her tabletop easel, also from IKEA.

Total 18.00 (Includes PA Sales Tax)

Also, extra MÅLA Drawing Paper is only $3.99 a roll & it lasts forever!

Do you have an IKEA hack you love?