Check it out, another new blog out there you should follow; Crunch Moms Rule.

Crunch Moms Rule, a Weebly blog created by Marie Fetzer.  A crunchy mom who wants to share recipes, DIY projects & much more.

A lot of her projects & recipes are great; they are easy & made for on a budget.  The best part of the blog, the recipes, healthy and delicious.

See what Marie has to say about her blog.

Amateur blogger. Modern day Macgyver.  Crunchy Mom & Wife. Just trying to make it through life! Marie is giving us a sneak peak of her every day chaotic adventures. She uses her blog to share recipes (most of them are vegan-friendly), DIY projects, and life hacks. Check her out, and show her some love and encouragement!

Head over to Crunch Moms Rule, throw a couple likes and/or follow.  Don’t forget comments are always welcome.

What are some of your favorite mom blogs?