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The Otaku Corner blog focuses on Anime, Manga, J-Pop, Japan & Japanese Culture.

Here is what Jason had to say about his blog:

The very first blog I wrote for The Otaku Corner defined what an Otaku was and what I wanted to do with my blog. In the two months since starting it, I feel I have made progress in my goal. You see, Otaku in Japanese means pervert. I have always felt the word otaku meant so much more than just pervert. To me, an Otaku is someone who has shown a big interest in a topic such as anime or manga.

With my blog, I want to change what people perceive as an otaku. I want to change it from being a negative term. I want to make it something positive or at least something that isn’t viewed so negatively. In my blog, I write about anime shows, manga, Japanese Pop and Rock music, and the Japanese Culture. I have covered topics from Kintsugi, the art of repairing old pottery, to anime reviews. Stop by my blog and have a look at my past posts. I know you will find something that will interest you.

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