Toothpaste tubes can be extremely frustrating, trying to get every last drop out without punching the bathroom mirror.

Seriously, every time I’m near the end I get frustrated & it slips out of my hands because they are wet from wetting my toothbrush! That makes me even more frustrated.

Why care, toothpaste isn’t that expensive? I don’t like to waste anything & every little penny adds up. Even that little dollop of toothpaste counts.

I’ve tried multiple toothpaste squeezers before; a couple we’re okay didn’t really get everything out. Some were just downright frustrating to even to get attached to the tube.

The Toothpaste Rolling Tube Squeezer came across my Amazon search one evening and at first, it looked cheap and would break as soon as I used it. But, I thought it was time to try a new product. Using a comb to flatten the tube wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Ordered, delivered and opened the box to a new Toothpaste Rolling Tube Squeezer. As I expected it looked cheap and would fall apart as soon as I used it. Busted out a new tube of toothpaste and tested it out, couple months went by (I brush twice a day & there’s a lot of toothpaste in there) & it worked great. Every single last drop of toothpaste came out.

All you have to do is take the side cover off, slide a new tube in, replace side cover and after each use twist the crank. It’s easy to remove an old tube; just un-crank, remove the side cover and remove.

There is even a hook on the Toothpaste Rolling Tube Squeezer, and a suction cup base to attach to a mirror or shower wall. Depending on where you brush your teeth; anywhere is fine as long as you’re brushing.

Only complaints, it is a little tough to crank when first staring and if your fingers are wet. The Toothpaste Rolling Tube Squeezer is great for kids & their toothpaste tubes.

Would definitely recommend & would be great for a stocking stuffer (definitely getting everyone one).

Hope you enjoy this product as much as me, happy sparkly clean teeth. Click here to view on Amazon.