Fried foods and I are not exactly best friends, which makes me sad because I love crispy french fries.

Most of my life I’ve struggled with IBS, causing me multiple internal issues when eating multiple delicious foods.

Fresh cut crispy french fries, fried ravioli, and fried chicken skin; all taste amazing, but you know how it goes.

Though they all taste great, have horrible side effects, in the long run, they those items really aren’t healthy for you.  Grease, butter and fat, are horrible for your health.  Also, that grease is just as bad for your drain pipes.

The other week I had a couple friends over, we started talking about fried foods & someone mentioned an air fryer.  Never heard of it, so I made a note to look into what they were and how they made delicious foods!

The next day I decided it was time to look for the perfect one! Minimal work, easy to clean & easy to store.  I came across the Copper Ceramic Crisper Tray, fit all the boxes so I purchased it.

The Copper Ceramic Crisper Tray has changed my food life! #Basic to say I know, but it really has. Throw the items you want onto the basket place in the oven and cook.

I’ve tried fries, pizza, and ravioli (showed in the picture), all taste crispy and amazing. Also, no need to flip items cooks evenly on both sides.

The Copper Ceramic Crisper Tray is a great kitchen gadget I’d recommend buying for anyone.