Swagbucks are just like eBates, an easy way to make a little extra money back on the purchase you buy online.

Just like eBates, before you start shopping you start out at the Swagbucks website.  Pick the site you’d like to shop at, receive a certain number Swagbucks back depending on the amount you spent.

After you receive so many Swagbucks you can turn them into gift cards or money back.

But, online shopping isn’t the only way you can earn Swagbucks!  You can also earn Swagbucks other ways:

  • Playing Games
  • Searching with Swagbucks instead of Google
  • Surveys (short & long)
  • Watching ads/videos
  • Discovering new products

Also, every day they post a special code on their Facebook; you add that into the Swag Code dropdown on their site and you can receive a couple extra Swagbucks!

Multiple great ways to earn Swagbucks, to make a little extra money!

But, my favorite part about Swagbucks, you can donate them to select charities.  This is a simple easy way for you to give back.  There aren’t too many charities to give too, that’s the only issue, I’d like to see local organizations be able to receive the donations also.  Just a small thought.

This is a pretty easy & great way to earn a couple dollars or donate; sign up today, click here! Happy Savings!