Every once in a great while, not very often, you won’t be able to drink that whole beer & you’ll need to save it.

I know right, who doesn’t finish their whole beer?  There has been on an occasion where I have popped open a beer and was way too tired to finish it.

Beer is definitely not a cheap item, especially a delicious craft beer.  In the past I’ve placed saran wrap over top, then used a twist tie to keep the beer fresh. Some real MacGyver stuff right there.

I kept seeing these cool Beer Savers around stores and on Amazon, but I never felt the urge to buy them.  Finally, I broke down and bought them, and I’d have to say the best decisions!

Beer Savers are an easy kitchen gadget to use; just slip the little cap overtop your beer and secure! Attaching takes less than 2 seconds secure.  Also, even better, they are easy to clean!

Also, even better, they are easy to clean! You can either place them in a dishwasher basket or place them in soapy water and use a bottle brush to clean.

Only thing recommendation, drink the beer within 48 hours of adding the Beer Saver.  As the Beer Saver is meant to save the taste and carbonation of the beer, the flavor does start to go.

Lastly, this is a great kitchen gadget for those who do cook with beer.  Add a little beer to your food for flavor while cooking, place the Beer Saver on top and save the beer for later while enjoying your meal.

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