I love to upcycle just about anything, especially glass jars! But, those pesky labels are always an issue!

I’ve tried so many different methods: boiling, razor blade (that ended badly) to a weird salt mix. None really have ever worked or were too much work.

Finally, I tried the oil & baking soda method, guess what? It worked & it was very minimal work!



  1. Combine 1 part oil & 1 part baking soda (I did 2 tablespoons of each for 6 small jars)
  2. Mix with fork until a paste consistently
  3. Rub paste over label, make sure you massage this on and the label is completely covered especially the ends
  4. Place on towel & let sit for an hour (don’t worry if you let them go longer, still works, actually forgot about a set of mine for a day)
  5. Take the jars to the sink
    1. Run hot water over the label and rub the label off
    2. Fill the sink with hot water & rub the labels off
  6. Dry off with towel and craft away!

This is a whole new ballgame with upcycling glass jars. DIY gifts, party favors, storage and much more.

Let me know how this works for you in the comments below.