Loose leaf tea is one of my favorite drinks, especially in the fall!  Keeps me all warm and fuzzy inside!

The only problem, an infuser with a tea mug doesn’t really work.  Also, using a portable mug with a tea infuser is just a real pain!  They make a mess, they’re hard to reuse and the tea can get everywhere.

What I really like about the Namaste Glas Infused Tea Tumbler, there is a basket with a lid to keep the loose leaf tea in.  I can take the basket out, remove the lid and dispose of the loose leaf tea.

One of the things I like to do is make green tea, and add mint leaves below! Really give the tea a good kick.

Also, the double walled glass is very helpful! Keeps the tea hotter, or cold depending on what you’re drinking.

Not only have I use this tumbler for tea, I’ve also used this for infused water! Water can be very boring, but adding fruit or vegetables spices it up.  The only issue is the seeds you end up drinking and getting annoying!  The mesh basket is very helpful with this; keeping unwanted seeds out and the flavor in.

Another great thing to make, cold brew! That’s right I’ve made cold brew in this multiple times, turning out delicious.  I will have to say you have to get the right grain consistency of the ground beans or use a coffee filter in the basket. Setup the tumbler overnight in the fridge great the next morning or next day!

My only complaint about this product, the basket does sit a little uneven causing a little bit of trouble when closing the lid.  That’s really my only issue.

In the end, it’s super easy to use & very easy to clean!  Would recommend buying this if you’re always on the go!