Seriously; don’t pay full price! Save yourself a minimum of 50¢ per fill up with the Shell Fuel Rewards!Around May I decided I was going to signup for this Shell Fuel Rewards; since there are multiple Shells on my way to work.  I’m extremely happy I did!

From May to July I’ve saved $9.51! That might not be a lot, but every penny matters! That’s a lunch, 2-4 beers (depending), 1/4 tank of gas, an ice cream night out or dinner at IKEA!

The thing I like the most about Shell Fuel Rewards; I don’t have to spend money to receive the rewards.  Like Weis, Giant & Giant Eagle where you have to spend a boat load of money at their stores to earn the rewards.  No, you’re always guaranteed the 5¢ off; and of course, you can earn more discounts!

Earning discounts are easy; the easiest way; refer a friend! For every friend, you refer you receive 25¢ off! Another easy way; link your debit card! When you make transactions at places like Home Depot, Jiffy Lube, Cabela’s, Overstock, Groupon & etc; you receive anywhere from an extra 5-25¢!  Just for shopping!  They even have dining rewards; receive fuel rewards for eating at restaurants! Click here for more details & to sign up!

With all your savings you’ll eventually be able to pay for a full fill or even an extra fill for a vacation!  Happy Saving!

Don't Pay Full Price At The Pump!