Like most people I never carry cash, but I always have my phone! Cash App has seriously been a lifesaver when out with friends!

Unlike Venmo (I do love you Venmo), as soon as money is sent it instantly hits your bank account!  That’s right instant, no waiting and/or dealing with holiday lapses! That money goes straight into your account!

You can send money from your phone app (App Store or Google Play) or from your desktop site, and the best part there aren’t a lot of buttons.  Just a giant screen where you enter the dollar amount!

There is a downfall to that instant deposit; there is a fee! I know sad; nothing is that great for free. The fee is 1.5%, so just tack on that 1.5% if you want the full amount.

But still, loving that direct into my account.  This way if you’re out to dinner with friends; no more splitting the bill, just Cash App!

Another great deal, if you sign up with someone’s referral code/link you’ll both receive $5 when you spend that first $5.  Send $5 to for you each to receive $5! How awesome is that?

If you’re interested in receiving a FREE $5, sign up through my referral link @ & use my code PMLLGLT!

Don’t forget once you sign up, send your referral code to all your friends, tweet it out and share it with the world!

You can also share this blog post too if you don’t want to share your code.  Help a friend make $5!  Happy Thursday!