As promised I added to the 20 Fun Coffee Mugs! From the Octopus to the

  1. Octopus Mug – Seriously my favorite find, the handle is a tentacle!
  2. Tree Stump Mug – This mug is a hollowed out tree stump with a branch as the handle
  3. Panda Mug – This is a fun surprise mug, drink until you see the adorable panda
  4. ICK Mug – A funny mug where the handle is shaped like a D
  5. This Might Be Whiskey Mug – For all those whiskey lovers
  6. T-Rex Mug – Silly shaped T-Rex mug, complete with little hands!
  7. Luke’s Diner Mug – For all my Gilmore Girl fans out there!
  8. Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug – Because well…It’s true…
  9. Bamboo Mug – For those earth friendly coffee drinkers, even has a lid!
  10. Cat Beard Mug – Another silly mug that turns you into a silly kitten
  11. Wake-n-Bake Mug – Multipurpose mug, relax two ways
  12. I Do What I Want Cat Mug – Seriously my favorite cat, she knows me
  13. Volkswagen Bus Mug – Drink right out of a VW Bus
  14. But Coffee First Mug – Truest coffee cup quote
  15. Bat Mug – Bat shaped mug, handles are the bat wings!
  16. Cool Grumpy Gangsta Mug – This meanmuggin

    cat, let people know you’re not a morning person

  17. Shark Mug – Just water & swimmers, add water and what appears?!
  18. Weeping Angels Mug – Scare any Doctor Whofan

    with this mug

  19. NO Mug – Grumpy Cat knows what’s up in the morning
  20. Plain Diner Mug – At the end of the day simple is just fine

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Stay tuned, I might add a Version 3!