It’s that time of year again;I will be participating in the National Kidney Foundation’s  2016 Kidney Walk!

As most of you know when I was pregnant I had “Angry Kidney”, Zoie-Lynne pushed all my organs on top of my ureter.  That means there was nowhere for my urine to go, so it just stayed in my kidney.

I had to have surgery and a nephrostomy tube was inserted into my kidney and my urine was emptied into a bag.  Every couple weeks the tube had to be changed, and my skinned cleaned.  This wasn’t fun and I still have a weird looking stitched hole in my back.

So between the nephrostomy tube & battling with kidney infections my whole life, I’m very grateful for the research the NKF has been able to do.  Without their research many people would not be here today, me being one of them.

This year I’m walking with family & friends from Ad2 Pittsburgh, to reach a goal of $250!  Please help us reach our goal of $250.  You can help us by reach our goal by donating, or sharing our link to others.  Remember every little bit helps, even a $1. Please donate at

Thanks again to all of those who have donated in the past, you are a true lifesaver!