Technology is progressing every day, 10 years ago I never would have thought I would have done most of my shopping, even grocery shopping online.  Today my family buys almost 50% of our items off of Amazon, a couple of those items are purchased with an Amazon Dash Button.

Amazon Dash Button was created to simplify lives.  There are over a hundred plush buttons on the store, you find the brand you like purchase for $4.99 (don’t worry, that $4.99 goes to credit towards your first purchase) & it ships to you within 2 days.

Once you receive the button you are given a list of instructions, with pictures.  You’ll pair the button with the phone you like to order from, select the item from that brand you’ll like to order every time you hit the button.  After you select your item you’d like it to purchase you then program your primary shipping address and payment method.

After that you’re all ready to go, anytime you start to run low you just press the button and it’s ordered.  Don’t worry, if you press the button by accident you have time to cancel your order.  Like any Amazon order you have time cancel at no fee.

Our first Amazon Dash Button was the ZICO Pure Coconut Water Dash Button; we have it programed to buy mini coconut waters for our daughter.  We had the option of larger coconut waters, plastic bottles or chocolate coconut water, but these are just her size.

We have friends who have tons of them, they say they’ve been making their lives so much easier!  Just hit a button and it’s here in two days.  They use the button to order baby wipes, drinks and household supplies.

Having a family, it’s much easier to hit the button then remember to add it to the grocery list, put the kids in the car and deal with the hassle of the kids in the store.  But, it’s not just for families; offices are using them to order items & even single people.  Not everyone has time in their busy schedule to go to the store.

One of the biggest things we are waiting on, Amazon Fresh DashAmazon Fresh is not in the Pittsburgh area just yet.  But, this cool little wand can be used to scan your groceries, you make a grocery list and someone delivers them at a time selected by you, to your house!  How cool is that?  Saves so much time and energy.  I’ll be willing to pay for that, and it will save on impulse buys at Target!

Check out some of the cool photos people are posting with the Amazon Dash Button on Instagram, click here.

Amazon Dash Button has been super helpful and changed a little bit of the way I have shopped.  It’s been great for my family; I’m looking forward to seeing what Amazon will be doing with this technology the next couple years.

Happy Amazoning!