Easter is this Sunday! Don’t forget about the baby!

  1. Smart Thermometer – This is more for parents, but this is a great gift for anyone!
  2. Siliskin Sippy Tops – These are great for when you forget your sippy cup!  Turn any cup into a sippy cup!
  3. Wipes – We all know how messy babies are!
  4. Piggy Bank – Never too early to teach a child how to save!
  5. Amber Necklace – These are great for some babies, others they just make great fashion accessories
  6. Water Cups
  7. Babiators – These are seriously the cutest sunglasses and they come with a warranty!
  8. Bibs – For eating, drooling, or just another fashion accessory every parent loves bibs!
  9. Sunhat – Keep those little bald heads safe from the sun!
  10. Teether – No matter what age, every kid loves chewing on anything!
  11. Teething Tower – This product is 100% chewable!  They can chew, stack and just have fun!
  12. Baby’s My First Photo Album of Family & Friends – This great baby book will hold all your family and friends, plus the baby can chew on it!
  13. Pacifiers – These are the best gift for any baby!
  14. Clothes – Because babies can never have enough adorable outfits!
  15. Hungry Caterpillar Stacking Blocks – Let the caterpillar eat his way thru the blocks!
  16. Chewbeads Pacifier Clip – Never lose the babies pacifier again & having a teething aid all of the time!
  17. Blankets – Blankets are always needed, one might get thrown up on or peed on, make sure they always have a backup.
  18. Books – Never too early to start a massive library!
  19. Blocks – These are great for babies to learn how to stack, motor skills, but also colors.
  20. Socks – Because seriously let’s face it babies ALWAYS lose their socks or they get eaten by the dryer!  Also, check out this cool product called Sock Ons!

Don’t want to buy the wrong brand or item, remember gift cards are always great too!

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