Need a couple extra gifts for that little guys Easter Basket?  Check out these 20 gifts under $20 for his easter basket!!
Don’t forget you can give Easter Baskets to Him & Her!  Check back this weekend for 20 gifts under $20 for Girls!

  1. Design Your Own Superhero Mask – What little boy doesn’t want to be a superhero? He can make his own mask to fight off the bad guys!
  2. Socks – As a  mom, kids need socks!  They are always getting lost, holey or eaten by the dryer!
  3. Window Bird House – This is a great way for him to see how birds sleep!
  4. Books – These are the best gift to help fill those Easter Baskets!  Grow his library!
  5. PowerUp Electric Paper Airplane – Keep the paper airplane going with this first electric-powered paper airplane kit!
  6. NFL Pillow Pet – This soft pillow pet will be great for any little sports lover!
  7. Headphones – You don’t always want to hear their YouTube videos, get headphones with their favorite characters!
  8. Toilet Night Light – This is great for him to see his way in the dark to the potty!
  9. Legos – Start his love for Lego’s now!  He’ll play with them way into adulthood!
  10. Basketball – This is a great present for him, he can take it to the park and play it for hours!
  11. Pirates Peg People – Let him doodle and grow his art side!
  12. Glow Sticks – Everyone loves glow sticks!!  Check out this mega glow stick pack!
  13. Growing Dinosaurs – The se little dinosaurs can be thrown in warm water and will continue to grow!
  14. Volcano Science Kit – Science is always fun, but this science he can color and it will erupt!
  15. The Number Cube Logic  Puzzle – This is a great puzzle will help get his brain going and he’ll have fun!
  16. CamelBak Water Bottle – This water bottle not only is durable and keeps him hydrated, but it comes with a warranty for when he destroys it!
  17. Slim Kit – This might be messy, but he will have A LOT of fun!
  18. Horse Head Squirrel Feeder – This is a funny gift he will love & he’ll get the excitement of squirrels!
  19. Spy Pen (Invisible Ink and Blacklight) – This will be a fun gift for him to play around with and leave messages for everyone!
  20. Hot Wheels – The classic Easter Basket gift for every little boy!

Don’t think he’ll like any of those gifts?  Maybe you just want to give him a little bit more, remember gift cards are always great too!  Especially GameStop Gift Cards!

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