Don’t forget to put together a special Easter Basket together for the women in your life.  Let’s pamper her and let’s show her just how great she is.

  1. Jewelry – New bling is always great; no matter if it’s a ring or a necklace.
  2. Sugar Scrub –  Who doesn’t love super soft skin?  She can use this sugar scrub anywhere to remove that dead skin!
  3. Dead Sea Mud Mask – She’ll love this Dead Sea Mud Mask, she’ll enjoy pampering herself.
  4. Satin Sleep Mask – After she uses the Dead Sea Mud Mask, she’ll love the way this satin sleep mask feels on her face!
  5. Bathbomb Gift Set – When she’s had a long day, all she’ll want to do is relax in a nice hot bath!  Add a little kick to that bath!
  6. Shower Speaker – While she’s relaxing in her nice bath, she will want to listen to relaxing sounds to her.
  7. Roses – Everyone loves fresh flowers, especially fresh roses.
  8. Infuser Water Bottle – She’ll love this water bottle, she can make her water taste great with fresh fruit!
  9. Pocket Headband – This headband is great for the women on the go in your life.  She can put cash, keys, fitbit, etc in this headband and comfortably wear the headband on the go.
  10. Silicone Jar Opener – Let’s face it, everyone needs a little help opening a jar once and awhile!o
  11. Wine – No Easter basket for a women is complete without a bottle of wine!
  12. Ring Holder – A ring holder is great to sit right next to the sink, when she takes off her ring(s) she can make sure that the ring(s) are in a secure place.
  13. Wine Preserver – Maybe she popped bottle number two and can’t finish it?  Check out this cool vacuum sealed preserver!
  14. Chocolates– Paired with a great wine, these will be a delicious hit.
  15. Keychain Stun Gun with LED Flashlight – This is great for women who work late, she might have to walk to her car or public transportation.  Make sure she stays safe!
  16. Portable Charger – Make sure her devices are charged everywhere she goes!
  17. Happi Tummi – Let’s face it cramps SUCK!!  The Happie Tummi says for babies, but it works great for relieving cramp relief!
  18. Tea – Tea can help with any problem; from stress, tired or even an upset stomach.
  19. Anti-Lost Tracker – Does she ALWAYS forget where she parks when traveling or at the mall? This will help her with a quick touch of her phone.
  20. Garden-In-A-Can – Does she like to grow her own herbs?  Check out this series of gardens you can grow in your house in a can!

Don’t think she’ll love any of those gifts?  Just want to let her choose her own gift, always remember there are always gift cards too!

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