Easter is right around the corner, I know right?!  Here are 20 Best Easter Gifts For Him Under $20!  Stay tuned this week for Her, Boy, Girl & Baby!

  1. Headphones – Everyone loves a new pair of headphones!  Use them at work, on his commute or just around the house.
  2. Shower Speaker – Let him rock out in the shower!
  3. Mobile Phone Mount – This mount fits right into the CD player and can fit any size phone!
  4. Whiskey Rocks – Keep any drink cold without watering it down!
  5. Shower Mirror – He can shave in the shower and not let little stubbles all through the sink.
  6. Tile –  Is he always losing an item?  Buy him the Tile to attached to his item and he can sync it with his smartphone to see just where he left it.
  7. Electric Cocktail Mixer – Is he a mixologist?  He’ll love this cocktail mixer that mixes drinks with just a push of a button.
  8. Sunglasses – Bright days are ahead, check out these retro sunglasses he’ll love.
  9. Multi-Tool – These are handy to have around, it will fight right in his pocket so he can help anyone at anytime.
  10. Moscow Mule Mug – These are the new in when drinking outside in the summer, make sure he has one in his hand!
  11. Automatic Bottle Opener – This cool device will take the bottle top off of any beer super quick!  No struggle!
  12. CamelBak Insulated Water Bottle – Make sure he stays hydrated!!
  13. World’s Strongest Coffee – Long days at the office, this coffee will peep you right up!
  14. Magnetic Sculpture – This is a great stress reliever, he can sit it anywhere and play with it to calm down.
  15. Awkward Turtle – This is a great party game he’ll love to play with his friends.
  16. Legos – It doesn’t matter what age he is, legos are always fun!
  17. Electronic Tire Gauge – This handy device has a built in light to make it easier to check the pressure.
  18. Flask w/ Shot Glass – Sometimes you want to pre-game or the event he’s going to dosen’t have what he wants to drink!
  19. Compact Bottle Opener – Sometimes people forget to bring a bottle opener, he can save the day with his Compact bottle Opener that fits right into his wallet!
  20. Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron – He will be prepared for any BBQ party he throws!

Don’t think he’ll like any of those gifts?  Maybe you just want to give him a little bit more, remember gift cards are always great too!

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