Just about every company has a cool box of goodies that you can have shipped to your door, make-up, clothes and even organic snacks.  But, what about something actually useful??  How about toothbrushes? 

Let’s face it, we all forget to replace our toothbrush!  Even though we are to replace it every couple months, heck I don’t even remember how often.   Well you are in luck, there is a site called GoodMouth.com who delivers a toothbrush right to you!

Select the toothbrush you want, tell them how often you’d like them delivered an even add toothpaste or floss!!  Every time your toothbrush shows up, throw your old one out.

Not only do you receive a toothbrush every month, but for every toothbrush you purchase one is given to a person in need of a new toothbrush. With more than 47 million people in the use without access to new toothbrushes.

Head on over to GoodMouth.com and answer a couple questions and they’ll tell you which toothbrush is great for for your mouth!

After you sign up you will be given a link to share with others, for every referral you receive 10 toothbrushes will be given to those in need!  Check out my referral link @ http://fbuy.me/cTtgP.   Don’t forget to share your code with your friends to help 10 more people!

You have  fresh clean mouth with a great toothbrush and so does someone else.