Looking for that perfect gift(s) for the baker in your life?  Well look no further I have you covered, here is a complete list of 20 items every baker wants to find in there kitchen.  

  1. KitchenAid Mixer – The number one gift every baker wants in there kitchen!  This is the top of the line mixer, no one uses handhelds anymore!  This mixer comes in every color imaginable, has multiple attachments you can purchase to do just about everything!
  2. Silicone Spatula Set – This silicone spatula set makes it very easy to scrape the side of the bowl, even out the mix in the pan before you bake it!  These are also super easy to clean by hand or dishwasher safe.
  3. Digital Measuring Cup – This awesome gadget makes it super easy to measure liquids!  Instead of having to hold the measuring cup and bring it up to your eye or bend down and look, this measuring cup displays the amount right on top of the handle.
  4. Non-Stick Silicone Bake Mat – This mat is great to bake cookies, make candy apples or even cook fruit leather!  Not only is it great to cook on, clean up is a breeze!
  5. Cake Tester – Testing a cake with a butter knife is fine, but it’s nice to just have a small hole in your cake that’s easy to fill with icing. This cake tester is a lifesaver in the kitchen!
  6. Oven Mitt with Grips – An oven mitt is great so you don’t burn yourself, but having an oven mitt with grips is even better.  Sometimes those glass dishes can really slip away from you, with this awesome oven mitt with grips that won’t happen again.
  7. Cookie Scoop – Every baker wants their cookies to come out the same size and just wants them to come out of the scoop!  This cookie scoop comes with a nice grip to hold on and the cookies easily dispense with the squeeze release!
  8. Pastry Prep Board with Baking Graphics – The correct size shell is needed for a baking dish.  With this pastry prep board you can roll out your dough and then cut the correct size shell for any tart or pie.
  9. Cookie Press – Does your baker love to make fun cookies?  They will love this great cookie press that comes with 12 stainless steel cookie disks.
  10. Cooling Racks – These cooling racks are great for any baked good coming out of the oven.  It’s also super convenient for that baker who doesn’t have a lot of room, they stack on top of each other, leaving lots of room for the item to cool.
  11. Pastry Wheel – This great invention makes it easy to cut the right size pie crust and makes fun designs for the top of the pie.  This tool is multipurpose too, not only can it be used for pastries, but also to cutting pasta.
  12. Adjustable Rolling Pin – This rolling pin is great when you are looking to create cookies, pastries, tarts, pies, etc in a certain size.  Just add or remove rings to the size you need and roll.
  13. Decorating Pen – Does your baker decorate a lot of items with names and/or words?  This decorating pen makes it easier to spell and decorate cookies, cakes and cupcakes, it’s just like using an ink pen.
  14. Cupcake Corer – Love finding that special surprise inside of your cupcake?  This cupcake corer makes it easy for bakers to remove the center of the cupcake, not to much and not too little, so they can fill it with their special treat.
  15. Reusable Silicon Baking Cups – These baking cups are great for the eco baker in your life.  Not only are they reusable, but they are also BPA, Phthalate, and Lead free!
  16. Rotating Cake Stand – This rotating cake stand makes it easier for cake decorators to decorate those beautiful cakes.
  17. AirBake Cookie Sheet – These cookie sheets make sure your cookies evenly cook on all sides of the cookie sheet.  They also have a 10 year warranty and decreases bake time up to 15%.
  18. Glass Bakeware – This glass bakeware is great for cooking cakes, brownies and much more.  Glass also is great for baking because it holds the temperature in and evenly distributes the heat.  Not only that it last a very long time, doesn’t rust and is easy to clean.
  19. Stainless Steel Measuring Set – This stainless steel measuring cups and spoons make it easy for any baker to get the right amount of ingredients.  The measurements are also engraved, this means they won’t rub off after time or in the dishwasher.
  20. Bamboo Nesting Bowl Set – Sometimes you have to combine certain ingredients before you put them in the mixer or they just can’t be put in the mixer at all.  Check out this nesting bowl set, five different sizes from tiny to extra large!

Not sure if they have any of those items on the list?  Maybe you don’t want to get the wrong color or size?  Well I have you covered, just give them a gift card to Sur La Table, every baker’s favorite store. No matter what the gift is, they will love it for just the thought.

If there birthday is in a couple days, don’t forget about using your Amazon Prime for that 2 day shipping & they will even wrap the gifts for you!  As simple as pie, no pun intended. Don’t have Amazon Prime?  Well sign up for a 30-Day trial for free, don’t like it cancel it and pay nothing.

So I saved you with this gift?  Maybe want to pay me back, well don’t forget to check out my awesome wishlist, click here.

Don’t forget to share if your baker loved any of these great gifts in the comments below.

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