Need a gift for someone?  Are they a beer drinker?  Well I have you covered, check out these 15 awesome gifts every beer lover will love!

  1. Mini Kegerator Refrigerator – This mini kegerator is great for the beer drinker in your life.  This keeps the mini keg at 38-54 degrees F.  This hold 5 L. kegs, so please see your local beer distributor to see what kind of beer they sell in 5 L.
  2. Stainless Steel Beer Chillers – Everyone wants ice cold beer, but sometimes you don’t have time to wait.  Pull one of these from the freezer, place it in your beer and it gets ice cold without the wait or being watered down!
  3. Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit – Buying beer is great, but who wouldn’t want to make their own beer?  Check out this beer making kit that comes in seven different flavors and makes 9-10 12 oz bottles.
  4. 6 Holder Beer Tote – Need to keep the beer cold from one place to another?  Check out this insulated tote that keeps your beer cold and it even has a handle!
  5. 84 Can Beer Fridge – Every house needs a beer fridge, this one holds 84 cans of beer!  Every couple days just keep refilling it!
  6. Wyndham House Dual Tank Beer Dispenser Backpack – Going to an event with REALLY long beer lines?  Why not just fill up this backpack tank and you won’t have to wait in line for ever & you won’t run out of beer.
  7. Corkcicle Decapitator – Sick if gripping a bottle opener?  Had to many beers to work a beer opener?  Check out this new gadget that you attach to you beer, press a button and off comes the cap!
  8. Beer Savers – Everyone gets sad when they don’t have time to finish their beer.  Thankfully these Beer Savers keep your beer fresh, just like when you popped the top
  9. Credit Card Bottle Opener – Sick of being at someone’s house and they don’t have a bottle opener?! Never be stranded at a party again without a bottle opener!
  10. Libbey Craft Brew Sampler 6-Piece Beer Glasses Set – You’ll need glasses for that mini keg.  Libbey’s has you covered for every type of beer you’ll have in that mini keg.
  11. Beer Bottle Cap Map – Looking to try a beer in every state or from every state?  Maybe you just want a place to put all of those beer caps? Check out this cool beer bottle cap map.
  12. Beer Bicycle Carrier – For not only the beer enthusiast, but also the bicycle enthusiast.  After a long bike ride you just want to pop open a beer.
  13. Beer Money Jar – Spare change needs to go somewhere, why not in a jar for that next six-pack?
  14. Brew-Opoly – A new twist on an old game.  Who wants to buy properties when you can buy breweries.
  15. Periodic BeEr Pint Beer Glass – Add a little bit of chemistry to your beer glass.

Have more gifts to add to this list?  Email them to me so I can add them @  Have ideas for another awesome list, send them over!  Cheers.

15 Awesome Beer Gifts