Today is my birthday!  I’m the big 2-5! But this year I just want one thing from everyone, and no not a Facebook Happy Birthday. 

I would like everyone I know, people who follows me on the interwebs and everyone in between to donate $1 to my Kidney Walk team, TEAM PANDA

I have everything I need and much more! If it wasn’t for the research the National Kidney Foundation has done I wouldn’t be here today.  I don’t need any fancy dancing cards or presents. Just a small donation to help my team in this years Kidney Walk! I want to help others have another birthday. 

The Kidney Walk will take place on November 1st @ the Pittsburgh Zoo. TEAM PANDA’S goal is to raise $500. Your $1 will go a long way! 
You can donate @ Don’t forget after you donate please share with all of your friends a family! Thanks to everyone who donated and/or shares this post!