Guess what everyone, Amazon is having a Prime Day!  There will be more sales than BLACK FRIDAY!  But, these deals will only be fore Amazon Prime Members ONLY.  

Amazon Prime Day will take place on July 15th! So mark your calendar now!  You could win up to $10,000 in Amazon gift cards!  For more information please click here.

Sign up for Amazon Prime right now, you’ll receive a membership for FREE for 30 Days, just click here!

What does Amazon Prime offer? Two day free shipping (that pays for itself), Instant video (like Netflix), music (Spotify), photo storage, Kindle library, members only coupons, subscribe & save items & 20% off diapers subscriptions!  Seriously all this in one membership, one place with one login, all for only $99 a year!  In just a couple purchases the shipping pays for the membership.  Also, it makes life so much easier.  Don’t have time or want to deal with crowds?  Just order your cleaning supplies, food, etc to be shipped to your front door and if you have subscribe and save you don’t even have to worry about remembering to order it.

Get out there, sign up for your 30 day trial, even if it is just for the Prime Day!  Even if you don’t purchase Amazon Prime for yourself, you can always gift a membership to someone who does have Amazon Prime, click here.

Amazon Prime Day |Tiff's Thoughts
Signup for Amazon Prime for Prime Day on July 15th.