Tonight we decided we wanted to make a delicious treat, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in our awesome Ice Cream Ball!!

It was super easy and fun to make, this is a great summer activity for couples or families.



  1. In the smoothie maker combine coconut milk, eggs, honey, peanut butter and chocolate chips
  2. Smoothie ingredients until everything is blended together
  3. Pour ingredients from smoothie maker into ice cream ball on the ice cream side, use the rubber spatula to scrape sides
  4. Place the lid on the ice cream side and then flip to the other side
  5. Place rock salt and ice inside then place the lid on
  6. Now roll for about 20-40 minutes or until the liquid turns to ice cream
  7. You can either enjoy the ice cream with a spoon or scrape the sides with a spoon into a freezable container

Now enjoy your delicious ice cream!