Those hot summer days are here, leaving us parched and sweaty. In summer there is just one drink that quenches our thirst, sweet and delicious lemonade. June 12th (tomorrow) we celebrate this delicious nectar with National Lemonade Day. So squeeze those lemons life has handed you, add sugar, water & optional vodka, raise that glass and enjoy.      

The history of lemonade is a bit cloudy, but we do know that lemons were first found in China and North India. The citrus fruit was later introduced to Egypt, Persia and other countries around 700 CE. Written evidence of Egyptians using lemons, making the origin of the lemon Egypt. Lemon drinks were also popular in the 13th century among the locals. There has been vague evidence that the lemon was introduced to France sometime in the 16th century.

Now in the 21st century lemonade is made many different ways, with more than just lemon water, juice and sugar. In Ireland lemonade comes in three different colors, red, brown and white. The red lemonade is the most common, using spirits and mixers with lemon juice. While in Australia and New Zealand lemonade is served carbonated and clear, like America’s lemon lime soda. While in Israel and Syria lemonade is served with fresh squeezed lemons and mint leaves and is called Limonana.

Not only is this a delicious drink with a lot of history, many of us as kids sold fresh squeezed lemonade outside of our house to make extra money. In 2000, a little girl by the name of Alex Scott was fighting neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer. She decided to build her own lemonade stand and with the help of her brother they sold lemonade to raise money for childhood cancer. In just one day they made of $2,000 with this one drink. Then in 2002 Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation took off with the media grabbing ahold of the story and with children across the US started helping with their own lemonade stand to help raise awareness and money. Sadly in 2004, Alex passed away, but her dream still lives on thru the Alex’s Lemonade Foundation. With this one drink the foundation has raised over $100 million dollars to help fight childhood cancer.

This National Lemonade Day, enjoy a nice cup of lemonade that gives back. Find a Alex’s Lemonade Stand near you by going to, remember just one cup can make a difference in a child’s life.  Can’t find a location near you, but would like to donate @ If you make it to a location on National Lemonade Day please share your pictures on Instagram with hashtags #AlexsLemonade & #NationalLemonadeDay.

Want to know what is going on in Pittsburgh with National Lemonade Day?  Head over to to find out.

Lastly, don’t forget to make your own lemonade for recipes check out my Pinterest board Fresh Squeezed @ After you make that sweet drink share your pictures on Instagram with hashtag #NationalLemonadeDay. Now let’s raise a glass to this sweet drink.