Today, June 3rd, is National Running Day.  So lace up your shoes, put those running shoes on, fire up that Charity Miles app and get out there and run.

Why should you run? What is in it for me? There are many great reasons for you to run, here are just a couple reasons you should get out there and run.

  1. Lose Weight – According to if you are a 24o-lb human running @ 5-mph for 1 hour you will burn 870 calories Read More
  2. Save on Gym Membership – The average gym membership is between $40-50 a month, costing you almost $600 a year.  When you could just run outside on the sidewalk or your local park
  3. Energy Boost – Your body will release endorphins while you are running to make you feel awake and energized, so don’t forget to take that morning run
  4. Furry Friend Exercise – Have a dog that needs to get out and run?  Why not run with them?  Don’t forget to put them on a leash
  5. Baby Weight – Trying to get that baby weight off and trying to get your new bundle of joy to take a nap?  Just strap them into a nice jogging stroller and start running.  Not only will you get the baby weight off, but it helps you get out of the house with your new baby
  6. Depression – Running twice a week has been proven to help as a therapy with depression, read more @  Runner’s World
  7. Strengthen Memory – Runners who exercised regularly had shown to improvement in memory and learning for more details visit Fitbie
  8. Look Cool – They make all kinds of running gear for every season, so no matter if it’s winter snowing or spring snow or 100 outside in the summer you’ll look great running.  Check out for all your running needs
  9. Strengthen Lungs – Research has proved that runners have more lung capacity
  10. Prevent Disease – Running helps lower your chances of breast cancer, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, osteoporosis & much more

Are you new at running or trying to get back into running?  We can’t just go from the couch to running a marathon, there are some steps.  Check out Runner’s World article 11 Tips for New Runners.  Don’t forget to stretch before you run, stay hydrated and take it easy the first couple times.  To stay hydrated during your run check out these cool running water bottles on, click here.

Think you are ready for a marathon or a walk; check out Running in the USA for a list of all the events in your area.

Also, don’t forget running can also help you donate money to charity. Checkout the app Charity Miles, for every mile you have the chance to donate 25ยข to the charity of your choice.  So download the app today on the App Store or the Play Store, start the app and just run.  For more information on Charity Miles, please visit

If you do run on June 3rd, please use the Charity Miles app, not only will you give to charity, but you will be entered into their sweepstakes.  Please visit for details.

Don’t forget to share your running selfies with #RunningDay & #NationalRunningDay on Instagram.