Seriously Pittsburgh Port Authority, get your system together!! After how long you’d think you’d have protected something to be on time & at least functioning sometime!

The trolley, during the morning commute is to run couple minutes to get everyone to work. That doesn’t happen, it is usually anywhere from 10-15 minutes late. Not only that you’ll have Trolleys that drive right past you, they’ll just keep going.

When and if you finally do make it on the Trolley the workers are always very rude, you’ll get a couple who are friendly or just don’t say anything. The Trolleys are always dirty, no one ever cleans them. Graffiti, gum everywhere, soda spilled everywhere & sometimes smell like human urine. I understand people are not to eat or drink, but at least attempt to clean it up.  They don’t, they’ll leave things for weeks! For instance on a Thursday evening I rode the Trolley home, there was a coffee cup, Dublin Donuts to be exact, a christmas cup with lipstick. I then just happened to get that same Trolley on Monday, in the same spot!

They also break down, what happens to me everyone 1 in 15 rides for me. Let’s see I was stuck at Gateway Station for over an hour and thirty minutes because a Trolley couldn’t get the doors shut. I was stuck at Gateway Station for thirty minutes because another Trolley was stuck in the Tunnel. The 45 minutes being stuck on a bridge because a Trolley broke in front of us. I could go on and on about Trolleys breaking. My favorite this morning the Trolley doors wouldn’t shut and the stop request wouldn’t work! Finally he kicked us all off, we all had to wait at First Ave to catch the next Trolley.  That was fun, standing in the cold Have I mentioned my Trolley ride is only to be max 20 minutes!!

It is always something with Pittsburgh Port Authority, I feel like they need to step up their game.  With the price they charge and the amount of people who ride, they need to do something! & Just be on time!