In the year of 2014 what is Tiff thankful for?

In the year of 2014 I have so many things to be thankful for. Many things I take for granted everyday and may complain about, but I’m very lucky.

The number one thing/person I am lucky for is a happy healthy baby girl.  Zoie-Lynne came into my life on January 7th, 2014, almost four weeks early.  Even though she was early and we had some complications she is so happy and very healthy!  Everyday is seriously a new adventure with her, from learning to hold her own head up to now trying to walk.  She teaches me something new everyday, and I learn a little bit about myself every time I send time with her. If you’d have asked me in the past I’d enjoy spending time with my own baby I would have laughed about you, now I look forward to going home to her smiling face and her loud RAWR.  I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring me.

There wouldn’t be a Zoie-Lynne if not for her dad James.  A new baby tests every relationship, we have our days, just like every couple.  But, he’s my rock the one person I can always count on.  Being a new family is such an adventure, it has it’s ups and down and I wouldn’t want to enjoy this adventure with anyone else.  I’m so lucky to have him. & who else would put up with my craziness 🙂

My best friend Julie!  Even though she is completely on the other side of the country, I can text/call her anytime of the day and she’s there for me.  Most people can’t say that.  She is my person, my soul mate.

I’m very thankful for my co-worker/friends.  I’m very lucky to work at a company with some great people.  People who I share interests and  values with.  Co-Workers make the day go by and make happy hours fun.  Also, who else would listen to all my awesome YourMom jokes?!

A job, something most people don’t have the privilege of having.  I have a job that I enjoy & I actually have benefits, something I’ve never had.  I have holidays off, work events, vacation/sick time & they are very family oriented.  Along with that, there are happy hours on Friday, seriously free beer!!  Who couldn’t ask for a better job?!

My new found family, the Krompholz.  I’m lucky to have a great set of in-laws who are so helpful and kind.  When I need parental advice or someone to talk to they are there.  A crazy fun brother-in-law who always can make someone laugh. & a sister-in-law who loves Target & IKEA just as much as I do!!

My sisters, who I finally had the chance to meet for the first time in my life.  It’s cool having someone who has the same interests as you & share DNA.

My amazing cousin Marie, her husband Matt and their son Tai.  I seriously can’t remember a life without her, no seriously she’s been there my whole life.  She’s crazy, but when it comes down to it, she’s one of the most amazing people in my life & I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

Apple & Google, yes two companies.  I’m thankful for the iPhone 6 & MacBook I have.  Even more thankful that they keep my family organized.  That every second of our life is synced on a calendar shared across every device we have, we always know what we are doing and who with.  That I can create chore list on my iPhone and they are synced with James iPhone.  Technology is amazing.

I’m a very lucky person, even though I complain and gripe, when I sit back and look @ my life I’m very lucky.  I have so many people who care about me, a great job that pays the bills and more things than I could ask for.  Thanks again to all those people who keep my life in order throughout the year.