I take the T (train) to and from work everyday, sometimes on the weekend. But when their is an accident or something is wrong they are so bad at taking care of the issue!!

There has been so many instances when I’ve been late to work or late getting home due to Pittsburgh’s amazing Port Authority.

Let’s just start I leave in the morning at 7am and days I take my daughter to daycare 8:30. I leave at between 5-6pm.

Let’s see there was the time I was on my in to work, left at my regular time, get on the T. We get stuck on the bridge for about 20 minutes because the door shuts but throws an error. I understand you’re having an issue with the door, but you have a way to communicate, say something! Don’t wait until after!

There was the day I was stuck in the tunnel for 30 minutes, to then find out afterwards on Twitter (they just tweeted) there was a backup of T’s and they were sorry for the inconceivable!! How about communication to passengers and not so late on the social media.

There was the day on my way home from work I was stuck on the T on the bridge for about 45 minutes. If you take the T @ 5pm you know it’s jammed pack and you know what toothpaste the person next to you used or didn’t use!! They actually communicated and said there was a broken T ahead. But nothing on Twitter or their website.

My all time favorite. I left work, 20 minutes early, it was 4:40. I stood at Gateway station until 5:50, by then crammed in like sardines because a T was in the tunnel. Still to this day I don’t know if it wouldn’t start, broken door, someone died?! They didn’t ever say. I was late picking up my daughter!

Then today, get at the T station a late, 7:25, there are 10 people standing waiting. A T pulls up, says Out of Service & it’s jammed pack, no one would be able to get in. The guy announces there is another T right behind him, wait for that one. As we are waiting I ask the others how long they’ve been waiting, the one lady said 6:50, the one guy said 7!! They made an announcement that there was an issue and it would be delayed 12 minutes. The next T finally came, 10 minutes later, half empty, but zoomed right by! The next one came 10 minute later, finally let us on! It is now 8:00 and I’m now getting to work!

The T stations & stops are filled and they are letting the late on for free. But that doesn’t get me to work on time or the kids who use public transportion to school!!

Get your stuff together Port Authority!