Working at Brunner I’m kind of lucky with the amount of space I receive to work & even luckier with the technology and supplies I have.

It’s nice to be able to spread out, move around work to work. Today I want to work on this side, maybe over her tomorrow or some days I don’t even sit at my desk I go somewhere else.

Not only am I lucky with the amount of space I have I’m lucky with the technology we have. I have a beast of a laptop, with up to date software, beautiful screens, a MacBook to test on & mobile and tablet devices to test on.

Office supplies man, I have so many Post-It-Notes, notepads, pens, highlighters. Need something request it.

When I look back on my last job I didn’t have anything. Space, absolutely not, we were sardines. Pens, we got cheap pens that never worked and you were lucky if they were in stock. Paper, yea good luck, better bring your own. Devices to test on, you better buy them yourself and just bring them in. Behind on technology, computers were slow. Yea, just a mess.

I’m very lucky to work for a company that takes working and supplies serious.

Also, coffee, we get coffee. It’s your plain regular Seattles best, but we get different creamers. So that makes up for it. Definitely a nice perk to have at my desk.

When in doubt take care of your employees.