That’s such a popular question, most people don’t know or some know instantly. Walk thru walls, fly, read minds or even teleport. But me, Tiff, those are way to overrated for me.

What do I want my superpower to be? If you know me, I’m always hungry or always snacking on something. Food is my thing I love it!

I’d love the superpower to be able to think of a food/dish, the texture, smell, flavoring, plating, temperature, portion & it would appear in front of me.

I wouldn’t have to walk to the restaurant, I wouldn’t have to get out of bed, no preparing myself, but hey I’ll wash the plate and utensils that come with the meal!

Think about it, I’m at work it’s raining out, I’m in the zone on a project, but my tummy starts GROWLING!! What do I do? I get up, put my jacket on, adventure thru the rain and spend half my lunch break waiting in the chipotle line! Or I could sit at my desk, think I’d like a chicken bowl, pinto beans, brown rice, sour cream and cheese, a cup of sour cream, bag of chips and a grapefruit Izzy! Boom it appears, I eat and return back to work! I didn’t get rained on, I didn’t have to wait in that ridiculous chipotle line & I am back to work 10 times faster!

Not only do I work full time, but I’m a mom and a girlfriend. Two people rely on me to feed them! Sometimes I’m like ugh just eat crackers! Last night I was so lazy my daughter and I sat on the kitchen floor and ate leftover noodles and sliced cheese! It would be amazing just to come home and think oh we want ham, potatoes, gravy with asparagus for dinner!

Seriously the perfect superpower! My tummy would always be full!!