Moving to a new area as a kid is fine, you’ll make new friends at school or at the park. As an adult it’s seriously a lot harder.

When we were younger, much friendlier chaps it was easier to make friends. Spent time together at lunch even played kickball with friends and even worked together on projects. Making friendships a lot easier.

As we get older we become less friendly, more antisocial, making it harder to make friends.

Most adults have jobs with coworkers. You work with them for 8-12 hours a day, going to lunch, happy hour or hanging out at company events. You end up talking about work or other coworkers. On the weekends you don’t know if you want to hangout with them or even if they want to hangout with you. So in the end you end up alone, with your dog or your kid(s).

Many people don’t even have the coworker option. Nothing in common, different ages or their the boss and can’t mingle.

It’s also hard just going up to random people, being like hi my names Tiff I like Doctor Who, wanna hangout. People will think you’re strange and maybe even think you’ll end up killing them. It’s easy to create online friends with your Tumblr following of other Sherlock fans, but they live halfway across the world and will never actually meet.

You meet people at the grocery store checkout, waiting for your drink at the bar, picking your dogs poo at the park or picking your kid up at daycare. You chat for 10 minutes, but it won’t go any further. There won’t be movie nights, marathon running, yoga class, etc just a quick chat.

So the ultimate question, how the hell do you make new friends as you get older or do we just keep making virtual ones, spending weekends alone making small talk to the person in front of us at Target.

I feel like there should be some kind of website (like a dating site) to make friends in your area. Place your interests in, area and a list will pop out! Meet each other over an interest & become instant best friends.

Just a random theory in my head, possible future site, we will see where it goes. Until then we will all just have to keep trying & maybe one day maybe that person in the checkout line might just be your new best friend.