Hey everyone don’t forget that James, Zoie and I are participating in a Kidney Walk for the National Kidney Foundation at the Pittsburgh Zoo on November 2, 2014.

26 Million Americans live with kidney disease, we all know or have known someone with a kidney problem.

My job (Brunner ) decided to start a team to participate in the walk. As a family James and I decided to join, to help raise money for the cause.

I have decided to set a goal of $200, I’m halfway there! If you have just a dollar or two, that would be great!! If you’d like to donate to me click here.

James goal is $50, he has raised $30. If you could help him out with even just a dollar. Please click here to donate to James.

Also, if you’d like to just donate to the Brunner Team that is also possible. The current team goal is $5,000, please help us get there!! Please help by clicking here.

Please don’t forget to share this cause, don’t forget to ask your friends to donate. Also, don’t forget you can also donate anonymously.