We have lived in Pittsburgh for 102 days now.  I have seriously enjoyed everyone of the days I have been here.

This city is seriously pretty amazing, it is so beautiful and there is seriously always something to do.  It doesn’t matter if it is a weekday or a weekend, there always seems to be some kind of event going on.  No matter if you are single, a couple or even a family.  There is always so much that we sometimes can’t figure out what we actually want to do.  The great thing, almost all the events we want to do are free or just cost a couple dollars.

A couple months ago we went to the art festival @ Point Park, we didn’t even have the chance to see everything.  It was a great experience and really fun for Zoie, the little bit she had the chance to see, since she fell asleep.

We have been to the Pittsburgh Zoo, that was pretty fun, that did however did cost money.  But was worth every penny!!  It was a very fun trip, not crowded and so many animals.  The polar bear was being pretty shy and didn’t come out, kind of a little sad.  But we will be making another trip in October as a family.

I just found a random indoor/outdoor water park in Upper St. Clair.  We won’t be able to enjoy the outside, but we will probably make a trip to the inside sometime in the fall/winter when Zoie starts walking.   That will be a lot of fun.

Seriously this city has a lot of hidden gems.  Like a building full of pinball machines, Pinball Perfection!! Seriously, you pay and go play as much pinball as you want!!  I can’t wait to go there, it sounds pretty amazing.

We also had the chance to visit the original Primanti Bro, that was pretty cool.  Fries on a sandwich, it really adds to it, I loved it.

Just all around there is always something to do and always fun to be had in Pittsburgh, especially if you just want to visit.

Even if you don’t want to do something, there are so many beautiful parks to visit or if you just want to walk around the city it is just so beautiful.  The people are also so friendly and nice, need directions just ask someone, if they know they will help you.  We wanted a picture taken, this lady just politely said she was late, that is the worst thing that has happened to me.  But it has only been 102 days.

My job is also pretty amazing, I’m really enjoying it.  It is a completely different environment then my last job.  The job and the people are so laid back and I enjoy coming to work everyday.  The projects are fun, each project I have the chance to learn something new and exciting.  There seriously isn’t a day at Brunner that isn’t interesting.  Also, the coffee bar with the candy is pretty amazing.  The delicious free food, oh and the free beer, yep I’m pretty much sold.  I’m enjoying it, couldn’t ask for a better job, oh and did I mention I actually receive PTO and sick time!!  Seriously, I actually have PTO and if I get sick I don’t have to go to work!!  It is a pretty amazing deal!!

Utah, it was a life experience, a sad life experience or miserable.  A year later I look back @ myself and I think “Why the hell did you even move there”.  When I tell people I lived there for a year they stare at me and go “WHY?!”.  The one amazing thing that did come out of the situation, I have the coolest baby ever, that is about it.  So I guess it wasn’t all horrible.  But yea, don’t go there, unless you want to ski, then just drive from the air port to your ski destination.  The ski towns are great, people are nice (because they aren’t from there) and it is mountains full of snow, not dead grass.  Yea, just a bad experience all around.

102 days or 3 months and 10 days, it seriously has been amazing!!  I’m so happy we moved back to PA, even happier we ended up in Pittsburgh.  I can’t wait to see what Winter and 2015 brings in Pittsburgh.  I’m pretty sure we will be here for a very long time.  Don’t forget to just stop by this amazing city, even if it is for a weekend.