I’m all for you taking your children to school, but the rules of the road still apply to you!!

You have to use your turn signal when you are changing lanes, it is not okay to just cut in front of someone and almost smashing into them. Put your turn signal on & someone will let you in!!

You also cannot just stop in the middle of the road to turn & not use a turn signal!! People think something is wrong or you have just broke down.

Also, you can’t just stop in the middle of the road for no reason!! I understand Bobby dropped something or Jane is screaming, but put your flashers on!! Or maybe even pull off the side of the road!! Stop backing up traffic!! Uncool!!

Red lights still apply, you can’t go thru them!! Red means stop, not go!!

Also, I am all for taking pictures!! But we don’t need to take pictures in the car while we are driving, we don’t need to text or Facebook update you are on your way to the school!! Do it at a stop light or stop sign, not while you are driving!!

Stop putting your kids & everyone else in danger!! I understand your sleep deprived, excited & every other emotion getting those kids to school but calm down!! Keep driving like an idiot your kid will be late to school or won’t make it!!