Can you believe that soft serve ice cream was actually invented on accident? Because one man had a broken down ice cream truck?

Tom Carvel was driving around on Memorial Day weekend, back in 1934, in his ice cream truck when he suffered a flat tire. In those two days he came to the conclusion, after selling all his ice cream, that soft ice cream & a fixed location worked perfect!! Just two years later he opened a Carvel store in that exact location & perfected the soft serve ice cream secret.

Soft Serve contains less milk fat & has air pumped in during the freezing process. The amount of air alters the end taste. The soft serve must be frozen quickly, or will crystallize.

Lots of places have soft serve ice cream as an alternative. Usually vanilla, chocolate or everyone favorite, the mix of the two. Dairy Queen, who claimed to be the inventors of soft serve, are know for their vanilla soft serve with that DQ swirl.

Godiva has a new soft serve, Vanilla Bean or Dark Chocolate. From my experience the dark chocolate is seriously amazing. Stop by a Godiva and check it out.

Or go back to the company that started it all, Carvel. They now have a Nutella soft serve!! Seriously, I can’t wait to try it!!

Not wanting to go out and wait in line? Making soft serve at home is always an option, don’t forget you’ll need a soft serve machine and a recipe. Cuisinart makes a nice soft serve machine. Recipes can always be found on Pinterest, I’d recommend the pumpkin soft serve.

So don’t forget to go out on August 19th & grab yourself a nice soft serve, in dish or a cone, with or without sprinkles. Just enjoy your soft serve & remember sometimes some of the best things come out of a bad situation