Graham Cracker, a nice toasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate, mix them together and you obtain summers favorite treat the S’more.  & today, almost the end of summer we enjoy the favorite on August 10th, for National S’Mores Day. 

The first known record of the favorite campfire treat was by a girl scouts in 1927.  Ever sine then it has been a campfire favorite among just about everyone.

But in the past couple years the normal every day S’more has turned into more than just three ingredients around a campfire.  For awhile Kellogg’s made a S’morz cereal, it was pretty tasty.  For the kids in all of us adults there are many different S’mores drinks & shots.  A favorite S’mores shot of mine has toasted marshmallow on the rim & is on fire.  There is also a flaming S’mores Martini!!

Also, the favorite treat no longer needs to be enjoyed in the woods around a campfire.  Hammacher Schlemmer makes an Indoor Flameless Marshmallow Roaster.  Most home stores now have small fire pits for patios, making it easy for families to do S’mores right in their backyard.

A lot of candy stores now sell S’mores, as they call them gourmet S’mores.  Some have special chocolate, are dipped in chocolate, have fruit, the list seriously goes on.  In 2014 the imaginations of many have made so many different varieties of S’mores!!  They make S’mores donuts, drinks, brownie desserts, cupcakes, pies, seriously the list can go on forever!!  One of many friends favorite, Banana S’more, cut a banana open and place mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips, place in aluminum foil and bake!! Just take a look @ Pinterest  S’mores boards.

No matter how you enjoy your yummy S’more, drink or gourmet or even classic, just enjoy a nice S’more today to celebrate the yummy gooieness of summer.