August 8th is National Frozen Custard Day!!

Did you know frozen custard was actually invented in 1919, in Coney Island by two guys named Archie and Elton Kohr? They actually added egg yolks to to ice cream, what did they find out? That the consistency was smoother & stayed colder longer!!

True frozen custard consist of egg yolk, cream, sugar & some type of flavoring. This flavoring could include a fruit, or everyone’s favorite chocolate.

Also, Kohr is a popular tourist destination on most boardwalks. Kohr also has many stores in malls & the frozen custard is even sold at fairs.

My favorite Kohr, is the vanilla custard with a flavor blast of Cool Mint.

Enough with the history lesson!! If you are not near a Kohr, which is very well possible, you can always stop by your closest Rita’s. They make amazing vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee and orange custard!! No Rita’s, try Meadows or just make your own. As always, Pinterest has a million recipes.

Don’t forget to end your Friday after a long work or school week, with a nice frozen custard. Don’t forget to #NationalFrozenCustardDay