August 6th is Root Beer Float Day!!

The mix of a classic soda beverage & a nice scoop of the most amazing ice cream flavor ever, vanilla, mix the two together makes a nice foamy cold Root Beer Float.  An american favorite for years!!

Did you know that the Root Beer Float was actually created at the end of the 19th century by Frank Wisner.

If you want to enjoy a nice Root Beer Float today, but don’t feel like making one find the closest A&W to you, they will be serving up free ones from 2p.m. to close.  Anything else you purchase will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

If you do feel like making your own, Pinterst always has some great recipes.

If you’d like an adult Root Beer Float, there are many brands of Root Beer Vodka.  Mix it with some delicious Vanilla Ice Cream and you are good to go.  Other recipes include, vanilla vodka with ice cream and root beer, then you can use the vanilla vodka for other things.

I would also suggest if you are going to get Root Beer, Virgil’s makes an amazing Root Beer & they have a Root Beer Keg.   All can be purchased at your local Whole Foods or Wegmans.