Hey everyone, I need 200 Twitter followers & I only have 66!! @YourMomEatsMayo

Why exactly do I need 200 Twitter followers you ask.

Well we have this cool program at work called Digital Black Belt. We have a task list that we can do different tasks to collect points. They all have to do with the digital and technical field. Like complete CodeAcademy.com cources, create Facebook Banners, Learn Javascript, etc.

You gain these points and you get prizes, one of that tasks is obtain 200 Twitter followers. If you guys would help me out by following me on Twitter & then share with your friends so that I can get more twitter follower, that would be amazing.

I just started my task list so I’m on the first level, white. I’m trying really hard to get to level three, green, so I can get an awesome iPad.

So I will be posting different & new things on the blog to try and get up to that green level. So anything you guys can do to help me out would be great!! Thanks in advance!!

Oh yea follow me @YourMomEatsMayo!!