1984 the year apparently everything vintage and cool was made/established. One of my favorite movies turned 30, Ghostbusters.

Even though I wasn’t even born when the movie came out, I was able to enjoy it as a small child, well kind of enjoy. Thanks to Dan Aykroyd & Bill Murry I was scared that if I ate marshmallows I’d end up with a giant marshmallow man in my house, so for about two years I didn’t eat marshmallows.

Also, lets add that I was also scared that Sigourney Weaver was going to be super crazy in my refrigerator for awhile. I swear she always has to be in a movie with aliens, about aliens or being possessed by something.

Oh and lets not forget everyones favorite annoying ghost Slimer. Who actually has his own energy drink, I haven’t actually had it and I don’t think I really want to try it.

Lastly, the movie has had a lot of fun games on different systems. One of my favorites is of course on the iPhone. You train your team members in different areas to catch different ghosts. There are a couple others, but this one is my favorite. Check it out, it is just called Ghostbustersor just click here.

Lastly check to see what the stars are up to now on CNN ‘Ghostbusters’ at 30: Where are they now?. They even have a Facebook page, so don’t forget to like them. Also, the official Ghostbusters website.

So tonight when you get home, turn on Netflix, pop in that DVD or if you want to go real retro blow off that old VHS and watch Ghostbusters. An iconic classic.