Seriously check this Etsy store out, by far one of my favorite stores online.

I was looking around for my daughter to have an Easter basket with her name on it that she could use for multiple years. She has an uncommon spelling to her name, Zoie-Lynne, so it’s not like I can just go pick something up at the store, so everything has to be custom. I came across this store on Etsy Hoop & Stitch Embroidery LLC.

She had this great collapsible basket & it was at a great price. So many colors, prints & font choices to choose from. On top of that after I ordered it was here super quick. She was so friendly, helpful and SUPER nice.

Well then she decided to hold a cute customer contest (held every month) & of course I entered little Zoie-Lynne with her Easter basket picture. She ended up winning the contest & won a $25 gift card.

Well she just started making a new item, wallets!! Which I am getting one, since mine broke. Guess what, it is going to be a mustache wallet with my name in blue. Super excited.

I am going to buy a lot of Christmas items from this store. Definitely check our their store on Etsy & like their Facebook page.