While on the T this evening coming home from work I seen something so nice.

I was sitting a few rows back when we stopped at a station stop, when an elderly gentleman & a lady with a baby came on. The guy quickly stood & offered the seat he was sitting on & the one next to it to them.

Both the lady & the elderly gentleman quickly smiled and said thank you.

After living in Utah for a year & being around rude, horrible & manner less people, I started giving up on humanity.

What really made me give up was one day we were at a gas station & a guy was holding a door open & my mother in law quickly said thank you, something any well mannered individual does. Instead of saying you’re welcome he quickly says “I wasn’t holding the door for you”. Who does that?

For the past year we’ve dealt with people who slam doors on you, don’t hold doors, are not courteous to others, have absolutely no manners & seriously have no clue what the words Thank You is or even how to say it.

But in the past four weeks I’ve been home I’ve had so many people help me, open doors for me, pick things up I’ve accidents dropped, hold elevators for me, a lady gave me a bib at Babies R Us because I forgot one for Zoie & just plain out be courteous to me.

Being home has restored my faith in humanity, has reminded me that there really is good people in the world, caring & loving.