Fun news, we’re moving back to PA.

To be exact we will be moving to Pittsburgh, Pa.

I obtained a job as a visual developer at Brunner, in downtown Pittsburgh.

Zoie & I are going to fly in with James mom on the 14th. Hang around the city for awhile, I start my job on the 19th & we get the keys to our new apartment on the 20th. James will be driving across country with his dad & should get in Memorial Day weekend.

Our Pod was delivered this past Monday & is leaving this Monday. We are going thru stuff & getting rid of things. Then we will start packing this weekend.

My last day in office for 180Fusion is tomorrow!! I’ll still be contracting, which will be cool. It has been a great experience working at 180Fusion & I’m thankful they took me in right after college with no experience.

I’m just really excited to get back to PA, to see my family & friends. Also, for everyone to meet little Zoie.