Who out there plays the awesome app game Clash of Clans??

Well if you don’t then shame on you, start playing!!  If you do, you are pretty awesome in my book!!

It is a pretty fun game, especially when you are sitting around waiting for files to download or you are sitting on hold.  I think raiding other peoples village are my favorite.

You build a village, where you have archer towers, cannons, mortars to protect your village.  Then you harvest gold and elixir & then store it.  Then you can go raid other villages and steal gold & elixir!!  It’s pretty sweet.

Then you have training stations were you train soldiers of different kinds that you use to raid the villages.

If you are part of a clan (mine is YourMomsClan, please join) you can donate your troops when your clan members request them.  Then when you go into battle you can then dispense them also.  Pretty neat.

Pretty fun game, keeps you occupied and is fun.

To download on the App Store click here & to download on the Play Store click here.