I didn’t hear anything from iPower last night, I was waiting and waiting.  Then this morning I go back to their support link to check the ticket.

Yet again this company has horrible customer service.  The ticket is updated with “You are trying to add files to a folder that does not exist, please create the folder and then add the files.”

First off I tried to create the folder and I get an error & if I try dragging the file over I then receive the error again.  I then yet again jump on live chat, where I have to wait 20 minutes for someone to answer, thankfully I had other things to do instead of waiting around on them.

The person tells me “oh I am able to create a file, here is the extension, please look in the folder for the file.”  The extension isn’t even anywhere near the area I’m working.  I tell the person this & they ask me to take them step by step how I’m logging in & what I’m doing.  Yet again I take them step by step thru how I am trying to upload files.  May I repeat I have already told them this, on Friday and Monday.  So once I send them this I then receive a message back, “I can replicate the issue”.

OF COURSE YOU CAN REPLICATE THE ISSUE!!  What do you think I’m making up stories, do you think I just want to waste my time on chat all morning?!  The person then tells me they are going to add this content onto the ticket and they will escalate the issue yet again.  I ask for an ETA, since this site was to go live Friday, they tell me yet again 12-24 hours!!

Last time I checked this is not rocket since, you add content to a ticket that the person tells you.  Add everything, not just what you want to add.  This has been an issue since Friday, when FTP shouldn’t even be an issue.

Whatever you do, don’t go with iPower Hosting company, unless you want to waste time waiting for help & having very poor customer service.